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The Aromabotanical Nordi is inspired by the clean, minimalist lines of Scandanavian design and made with an eco-friendly, bamboo case with timber legs. The sleek, satin finish of the Nordie is high-quality and will make it a standout, statement piece in any modern home. 

Vaporise- The aromabotanical ultrasonic diffuser/vaporiser makes ultrasonic vibrations through water. These vibrations transform water into a cool vapour without the use of heat, ensuring the essential oils diffused are retained in their purest form, and released in a fine mist which can easily be inhaled and absorbed.

Humidify- The ultrasonic waves created by our diffusers stimulate moisture in the air to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning, leaving your environment clean and comfortable.

Purify- By releasing negative ions, the diffuser purifies the air in a room of dust, bacteria, pollen and household odours.

200 ml capacity. 2 level mist control. Low water level cut off.

Nordie Ultrasonic Diffuser - Black

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