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With marine notes, mandarin, sandalwood

A fresh, soft fragrance swirling with marine notes, warmed with musk and sandalwood, invigorated with natural mandarin.



With bergamot, amber, patchouli

A warm, exotic fragrance, heated by amber, enlivened with bergamot and deepened by natural patchouli.



With lily of the valley, cedar wood, lime

A fresh, woody fragrance, flourishing with lily of the valley, brightened with lime, deepened with cedar wood and cardamom.



With rose, pomelo, patchouli

A bright, floral fragrance, vibrant with rose and citrus, blossoming with geranium, grounded in natural patchouli.

CLEARANCE - Evodia Fragrance Mist

AU$28.95 Regular Price
AU$20.00Sale Price
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