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Rose Gold & Yellow Gold

Our 18k Rose Gold and 14k Yellow Gold plated bangles are gorgeous, but delicate. So you’ll need to take extra care with them prevent any of the rose gold/yellow gold tarnishing or being worn away.

Here are a few things your rose gold/yellow gold bangle needs to AVOID in order to stay sparkly and shiny.


Perfume / lotions / hairspray
These ones are often the main culprit of tarnishing. If you’re applying perfume to your wrists, keep your rose gold bangles on the dresser for that day. The chemicals in perfume can react with the rose gold and cause it to tarnish. If you’re using lotion, make sure it’s absorbed into the skin before you put your bangles on. And do your hair then wash your hands / wrists before popping those rose gold bangles onto your wrists.

Chemicals and rose gold/yellow gold plated bangles do not mix!


Chlorinated, salt or fresh water
Too much moisture will deteriorate the quality of the plating. And water can cause it to disintegrate or wear off. Take your rose gold/yellow gold bangle off before a shower or bath - and if you’re going swimming, chlorine and salt water are a definite no no. Swimming, showering and bathing are not a good match for your bangle! 


Do not using a silver cloth, baking soda, or any other chemicals to clean rose gold /yellow gold plated jewellery.


Our bangles are delicate and unfortunately we can’t help if they end up tarnished!


Our Clasp style bangles are delicate and require a bit of extra care compared to our solid bangles. 

Try to avoid hitting the bangle on any hard surfaces. We also suggest not sleeping with the bangle on as it may get hooked on the covers (or damaged while you sleep-thrash...)

BE Bangle Rose Gold - I can and I will. Watch me.

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